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A carpenter with a heart of gold If you want a heartwarming story today, watch how this carpenter in Aleppo is using his skills to help the elderly in his community.

Not everyone who needs help is able to reach it.
So we make sure we go to them.
We deploy what we call ‘mobile teams’ across the country.
By car and on foot.
To identify people who have difficulty getting help.
Like the elderly and those with disabilities.

Only 58% of hospitals are fully functional in Syria

COVID-19 has added more pressure on an already strained health care system.

Here are some of the ways UNHCR Syria is supporting the Covid response in the country.

How has Ramadan changed for people in Syria since the start of the crisis?

For millions of people inside Syria, Ramadan is no longer the same

What was once a cause for celebration is now a source of worry.

With 90% of the population in Syria living in poverty, families like Suleiman struggle to put food on the table.

Halima used to love Ramadan.
Cooking Okra stew and stuffed aubergines.
Family gatherings and sharing meals.
Years of joy etched in her mind.
Now, after fleeing her home in Idleb and living in displacement for seven years.
Halima worries if she will have enough food to break her fast.
We are marking this year’s World Refugee Day amid the spread of Covid-19, where refugees and displaced people are facing difficult challenges to cope.
In Syria, Sudanese refugees Mary and her husband Saeed and other refugees from different nationalities volunteered to support their community through the sewing of bed sheets to be gifted to other refugees who are most in need like older people and people with disabilities.
It is a gift made by talented refugees and gifted to refugees! SHOW LESS

On this World Refugee Day, refugees living in Syria send a message to the world.
Whoever you are. No matter where you come from. Every one of us can make a difference. Every action truly counts.


Syria crisis enters into 10 years

“I keep thinking of the past and how we got here.” These are Aesha’s words that more than 11 million Syrians share. Aesha displaced for almost 9 years, returns to a damaged home, where she and her 12-year-old son work to survive. Millions need support as the Syria crisis enters into 10 years.

Books are a source of knowledge

On  World Book Day, its with thanks to donors like The Big Heart for supporting UNHCR in re-opening the doors of education to thousands of Syrian children in the most destroyed areas.

Lujain and Abd Al-Malek are back at school again!

You want to learn what UNHCR Syria is doing to help families cope during the winter weather?
 ‪Our goal is to reach 1.5 million people in Syria as new displacement continues and many families remain displaced throughout the nine years‬ Your donation goes a long way ensuring families are supported.


“Our life depends on water” – a farmer in North-East Syria.

Syria’s agriculture is the main lifeline for most families in rural Deir-ez-Zor.

UNHCR Syria and Oxfam restored water pumps and distributed seeds to support farmers to regain their livelihoods.

Four years ago, Um Mohamad fled her home in Hama to Sweida, south Syria. She is among more than 11 million people in need of humanitarian assistance. UNHCR Syria, UN in Syria, Syrian Arab Red Crescent and other local partners are on the ground providing life-saving assistance to help them cope during these difficult times.

Support us to make a difference in their lives.