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UNHCR Operational Portal: Mediterranean Situation

The Refugees Operational Portal is a Partners coordination tool for Refugee situations provided by UNHCR. It is a detailed and searchable portal with up-to-date information on refugee situations around the world, including interactive maps, facts and figures.

In addition the Portal provides links to relevant reports, regional and thematic overview documents, monthly updates and news by country situation and by region, including the Mediterranean Situation. The data includes figures such as sea arrivals by day and most common nationalities of sea arrivals.

A new online information platform for refugees in Cyprus

UNHCR Cyprus launched in October 2017 a new online information platform for refugees and asylum-seekers living on the island. A mobile-friendly website that is accessible at, the “HELP” platform seeks to serve as a one-stop information shop, offering comprehensive, accurate, objective and up-to-date information that is essential for refugees and asylum-seekers in Cyprus.

We hope that through this user-friendly platform we can adequately inform and empower as many people as possible in their efforts to adapt to and integrate into the social, economic and cultural fabric of the host society.

Practical Recommendations and Good Practice to Address Protection Concerns in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic

In response to the exceptional nature of the current crisis and the related challenges faced by States, this paper aims to offer Governments a set of practical considerations and concrete advice to enable an effective response to the pandemic while at the same time respecting international refugee law and standards.