Türkiye-Syria Earthquake Emergency

Devastating earthquakes have affected families in Türkiye and Syria—your urgent response is needed to save lives. 

Two powerful earthquakes have struck in south-eastern Türkiye and northern Syria. Thousands of people are confirmed dead, with numbers expected to rise. Syrians displaced inside their own country were already living in flimsy shelters and partially destroyed buildings—which are now completely gone. In Türkiye, the impact also includes thousands of refugees, and the communities that have been generously hosting them for nearly 12 years.

Families are in urgent need of relief items and shelter – UNHCR is on the ground delivering urgent assistance.

Help now

US$ 25

can provide a warm winter coat, gloves and boots to keep an earthquake victim in Türkiye warm

US$ 300

will help us provide emergency relief items to a family affected by the earthquake in Syria

US$ 13

can provide a simple plastic tarpaulin to help a displaced family protect their home from the harsh winter weather

(image © UNHCR/Hameed Maarouf)

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