See the latest Statistics on refugees in Cyprus through to the end of December 2022.


Fact Sheets

View our latest Country Fact Sheet for a snapshot of our work with refugees in Cyprus, with data through to the end of December 2022.

View our Thematic Fact Sheets on Integration and on Reception in Cyprus, with updates through to the end of September 2022.

View our latest Bi-annual Country Fact Sheet (Feb 2022) here. View other Bi-annual Country Fact Sheets from the Europe Region here.

See our joint UNHCR-UNICEF-IOM Fact Sheet on Accompanied, Unaccompanied and Separated Refugee and Migrant Children in Europe for an overview of the trends in 2019, for an overview of the trends in 2020 and for the latest overview in 2021.

Countering myths: Download our 10 Facts About Refugees for a fact-based discussion (ENG) | 10 αλήθειες για τους πρόσφυγες (ΕΛΛ) | 10 MÜLTECİLERLE İLGİLİ 10 GERÇEK (TUR)


Untold Stories: Refugees and asylum-seekers in Cyprus

Ανείπωτες ιστορίες: Πρόσφυγες και αιτητές ασύλου στην Κύπρο

View our latest publication featuring portraits by the photographer Sebastian Rich here. With this publication we would like to offer you an opportunity to meet some of the refugees and asylum-seekers we are honoured and humbled to work for in Cyprus. Through the photos of Sebastian Rich, who has worked with utmost respect and empathy towards the portrayed individuals, we aim to create space for their personal stories – as well as for the global refugee story – to be seen and heard. Untold Stories is a bilingual publication in English and Greek.


Protecting Refugees

Download our booklet on our work in Cyprus in ENG  |  ΕΛΛTUR


Refugee or Migrant?

What’s in a word? Download our leaflet that explains the difference between a refugee and a migrant: ENG  |  ΕΛΛTUR

Words Matter: Why ‘Undocumented’ or ‘Irregular’? Why not ‘Illegal’? This document and terminology guide from Picum is additionally useful and pertinent: ENG |  ΕΛΛ | TUR


2021 Published Reports

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2017 Published Reports

Refugee Education in Cyprus: Challenges and Opportunities Refugee Education in Cyprus: Challenges and Opportunities (April 2017) takes a closer look at access to the national education system for children at the Reception Centre, unaccompanied children, mainstreaming and other schooling options. A series of recommendations are offered and integration measures are also highlighted.

2015 Published Reports