See the latest Statistics on refugees in Cyprus (through end September 2020).


Fact Sheets

View our latest Country Fact Sheet for a snapshot of our work with refugees in Cyprus.

View our Thematic Fact Sheets on Integration and on Reception in Cyprus.

See our joint UNHCR-UNICEF-IOM Fact Sheet on Accompanied, Unaccompanied and Separated Refugee and Migrant Children in Europe for an overview of the trends in 2019.

Countering myths: Download our 10 Facts About Refugees for a fact-based discussion (ENG) | 10 αλήθειες για τους πρόσφυγες (ΕΛΛ) | 10 MÜLTECİLERLE İLGİLİ 10 GERÇEK (TUR)


Protecting Refugees

Download our latest booklet on our work in Cyprus in ENG  |  ΕΛΛTUR


Refugee or Migrant?

What’s in a word? Download our leaflet that explains the difference between a refugee and a migrant: ENG  |  ΕΛΛTUR

Words Matter: Why ‘Undocumented’ or ‘Irregular’? Why not ‘Illegal’? This document and terminology guide from Picum is additionally useful and pertinent: ENG |  ΕΛΛ | TUR


2018 Published Reports

2017 Published Reports

Refugee Education in Cyprus: Challenges and Opportunities Refugee Education in Cyprus: Challenges and Opportunities (April 2017) takes a closer look at access to the national education system for children at the Reception Centre, unaccompanied children, mainstreaming and other schooling options. A series of recommendations are offered and integration measures are also highlighted.

2015 Published Reports