NADIMA: A Tale of Shattered Innocence and Restored Hope

Nadima Storybook for Children: An Adventure for Safety and Hope (available only in Chinese)

With courage, we can always find hope.

Nadima has never dreamed that she would become a brave walker treading on high and rugged mountains. She plucked up her courage to surmount different challenges together with the little friend she met in the journey.

After surpassing all the difficult situations, can Nadima find her desired new home at last?

UNHCR in Hong Kong has launched the Nadima illustration storybook, which features Nadima’s escape journey in a child-friendly way, full of colourful and lovely drawings. It is an educational storybook that depicts the adventurous life of a refugee child from South Sudan, for children to develop empathy and reflect on the fortunate lives we have. Young readers can also broaden their international horizon. The story is suitable for junior primary school students or younger readers guided by parents. At the end of the book, there are several creative questions designed to help parents and children think more deeply beyond the story.


In today’s world, nearly half of the refugees around the world are children. Due to conflict or persecution, these innocent refugees were forced to flee their homes and started their long journeys for safety. There were lots of risks everywhere, but some of them were unfortunately separated from their parents and family. These unaccompanied refugee children can only face all the dangers alone like Nadima. They trekked across forests, rough seas and borders to survive. They suffer from sickness, exhaustion and hunger even when they can survive all dangers in the risky voyages.

For donation of HK$80 or more via the link below, you can support UNHCR’s global humanitarian work by providing textbooks to refugee children in refugee camp whom fled just like Nadima, and receive our new storybook (original value: HK$62, available only in Chinese).

By donating not less than HK$80, you will be gifted with a Nadima storybook (original value: HK$62, available only in Chinese).

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can redeem a Nadima Storybook for Children (in Chinese only)


can redeem a Refugee Books Set (in Chinese only): Includes Nadima Storybook for Children + “Beyond Hardships”


can redeem a Refugee Books Set (in Chinese only) and Bebemoss : Includes Nadima Storybook for Children + “Beyond Hardships”

Audio Experience: Could you ever imagine it was you having to flee?

The audio journey of “Nadima” imitates the experiences of a South Sudanese refugee fleeing home to Uganda. You can experience how refugees are frightened by the sound of wars, crying of victims or even a piece of silence during the challenging journey, and the joy of restoring hope by safe shelter.

Note: This audio experience contains the replication of wars sounds and other realistic situations; please carefully decide if it is suitable for younger kids or parents’ company is needed.