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NADIMA 2: New Hope for Refugees

NADIMA 2: New Hope for Refugees

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NADIMA 2: Unfold the New Page of Hope (available only in Chinese)

With determination and perseverance, all obstacles can be overcome. We will see the rainbow after the rain.

In the first book of the “NADIMA” series*, Nadima has bravely overcome variety of difficulties during her forcibly fleeing journey in South Sudan. After having treaded on high and rugged mountains, she has met a little friend and begun to seek a new home with hope.

In this newly published second book of the series*, Nadima finally arrives at the UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, refugee camp after the storms, making more supportive new friends. In the new environment, Nadima is determined that she can face all sorts of daily difficulties with her friends’ support and they keep pursuing their own dreams together.

*Published in traditional Chinese only

Donate to support refugee children education to be gifted the new storybook


Following the story of the first book of the “NADIMA” series published by UNHCR, Nadima 2 includes colorful elements and illustrations to tell the story of Nadima in the refugee camp. The story depicts the adventurous journey of a refugee child from South Sudan to help children developing empathy and reflecting on their own fortunate lives, as well as broadening their international horizon.

The story is suitable for junior elementary school students and can be read alone or together with their parents. In addition, the end of the book includes different questions for readers to think creatively and critically. There are also interactive activities designed for little readers, so that they can think beyond the story. Both parents and little readers can have deeper understandings about refugees and develop closer parent-child relationships after reading the book.

Children account for approximately 40% in the global refugee populations. They are suffering from traumas due to displacement. These innocent children are forced to flee from their home countries to seek for shelter, as consequences of conflicts or persecutions. With the protection of living in the refugee camp, refugee children can finally have food, clean clothes and education opportunities.

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Provide a textbook to refugee children for each support you made

Supporters making a donation with not less than HK $80 via the link below can redeem “NADIMA 2”. Your donation can support UNHCR’s global humanitarian programmes, providing refugee children in refugee camps like Nadima with a textbook to alter their fate.


Make a donation with no lesser than HK $80 for redeeming a copy of “NADIMA 2”.
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*The storybooks would be sent out by Hong Kong surface in 5 working days (overseas shipping is not covered).
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can redeem a copy of “NADIMA 2” storybook for children (in Chinese only)


can redeem a NADIMA Books Set: including “NADIMA 1” and “NADIMA 2”

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