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2.10 Reporting on resettlement

The Resettlement Statistical Report (RSR)

The Resettlement Statistical Report (RSR) is the statistical report on UNHCR’s resettlement activities and processing indicators during a particular calendar year and should be submitted for all asylum countries where UNHCR is involved in/facilitates resettlement submissions and departures.

All resettlement statistics provided for internal or external use should be based on statistics reported through the RSR. This includes all figures used in ExCom reports, Operations Plans, the UNHCR Projected Global Resettlement Needs report, implementing instruments, documentation for funding appeals and public information activities. By adhering to the use of the RSR as the only official source for resettlement statistics, the necessary consistency can be maintained in documentation issued by headquarters, regional bureaux and country offices.

Country offices extract resettlement statistics from the DataPort and upload them directly to the RSR dashboard. The RSR should be submitted monthly, no later than the 12th of the following month, online at the dedicated site The statistics must be compiled in close consultation with the various units of the country office and the relevant regional bureau and any inconsistencies resolved before they are submitted online. RCPS maintains updated RSR Guidelines as well as a RSR User Guide for navigating the RSR application. Both are available on the RSR site.

Country offices are expected to review the monthly RSR before and after uploading their report to the dashboard to ensure that submission, departure and withdrawal statistics are correct and consistent with proGres, and to monitor processing indicators including the number of cases/persons on hold and the number of cases/persons pending interview, review or submission.

Systematic file tracking in proGres, quality control and integrity measures as well as effective file management are fundamental for accurate resettlement statistics and reporting. File management and tracking and integrity standards are maintained through the oversight role of the Accountable Officer and supported by regional resettlement officers.

UNHCR is currently working on improving resettlement reporting. Information and guidance will be provided here in due course.