Protection Updates

To all refugee community in urban:

UNHCR is aware of some rumours on financial assistance to refugees in the urban UNHCR forbids all refugees from making any payment to anyone to be registered in any alleged list for assistance. All services provided by UNHCR and its partners are free of charge. Should any refugee wish to know more about urban assistance or any other services, please contact UNHCR directly.

UNHCR Protection Unit:

Phone numbers: 0788 313 705 / 0788 302 718 (Kigali) or 0788 314 711 (Huye)

Email: [email protected]

WhatsApp (to receive messages from UNHCR only): +250788313705

UNHCR is aware of the current difficult living situation with the COVID-19 preventive measures and is doing its best to assist urban and camp refugees based on a set of criteria.




Information on Burundian Voluntary Repatriation:

Voluntary Repatriation to the country of origin is a basic right and one of the most favorable solutions to end refugees’ plight. In collaboration with the Governments of Rwanda and Burundi, UNHCR has begun processing voluntary repatriation for those refugees who wish to return voluntarily to Burundi in the next few weeks.

Those individuals who are willing and ready to return to Burundi voluntarily should first contact UNHCR through the numbers provided below to register, receive more information about the program and get an appointment for an in-person interview.

  • Kigali: 0788 313 705
  • Huye: 0788 314 711
  • Bugesera: 0788 388 101

For refugees and asylum seekers in Kigali, interviews will be conducted at the Gikondo Community Center. For those living in Bugesera District, interviews will be conducted in UNHCR Nyamata Field Office. For those living in Huye, interviews will be conducted in UNHCR Huye Field Office.


MINEMA na HCR  baramenyesha  abifuza gutaha ku bushake mu Burundi  ko bagomba kubanza guhamagara kuri telefone zikurikira kugirango bahabwe amakuru na gahunda (rendez vous) yo kubonana.

  • Kigali: 0788 313 705
  • Huye: 0788 314 711
  • Bugesera: 0788 388 101

Muri Kigali, icyo gikorwa kirabera kuri centre communautaire i Gikondo. Mu Bugesera  igikorwa kiri ku biro bya HCR i Nyamata, muri Huye ni ku biro bya HCR i huye.


For students:


SHORT NOTICE: Reimagine Challenge 2020

Deadline: 11:59 pm EST, Friday, September 25th, 2020.

Participants: DAFI and other tertiary education students

Applications to be individually submitted on

Reimagine Challenge 2020 seeks inventive and compelling ideas about changes that could create a better world from college and university students.

Participants are invited to submit a written project proposal that addresses one of the two topics listed below. Proposals should be no longer than 1200 words and must be written in English.

Topic 1: Sparking a Global Movement
What is one concrete way that YOU could motivate 1,000,000 people to work in concert to make the world meaningfully better within 10 years?  What would you do, what would be the key steps to grow an effective massive action, and why would this have a significant impact?  Why should we have confidence that you will succeed and how would we know that you had succeeded?

Topic 2: Community Impact from COVID
What is the most surprising or unusual insight you have had about your community in the wake of the pandemic?  Given this insight, what is the most important concrete action that YOU and a growing group of others could take to help your community or country better respond to changes resulting from the COVID-19  pandemic? How would you and we know you had succeeded?

Proposals must be submitted electronically by 11:59 pm EST, Friday, September 25th, 2020.

For more information

How to submit. All submissions should be sent through the submission form which we recommend you review before you begin drafting your proposal.

If you have any questions about the Challenge, contact [email protected].

*** end ***

Scholarship Opportunity: Carnegie Mellon University Africa – Accepting Graduate Applications!

Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program is expanding over the next few years with an additional 15,000 higher education scholarships, mainly in Africa with 25% or 3,750 of these scholarships to be designated for refugees and displaced youth.

One of our Scholars Program University Partners – Carnegie Mellon University Africa based in Kigali is currently seeking additional connections to recruit refugees and displaced populations, both inside Rwanda and across Africa.

CMU-A is targeting undergraduate students for their Masters programs who graduated by June 2020 and studied IT, Computer Science or Electrical Engineering. Applications to the MSIT program started on Sept 1st and MSECE will start on Oct 1st. Early admission deadline is Nov 15th, 2020.

*** end ***

Radio Program Schedule

E-learning Program

  • REB has launched online learning whereby you can access/download different modules on the following link In addition, be advised the REB has availed other useful online exercise tool via telephone, you have to dial *134# and follow the instructions.
  • Students are encouraged to embrace eLearning amidst schools’ closure due to COVID-19. (See Ministry of Education of Rwanda’s website for more information.)
  • The link contains courses for vocational learners at all levels (TVET and IPRCs). Reach out to @RwandaPolytec for more info.
  • The link contains courses for the University of Rwanda students in all faculties. Students from private universities are encouraged to use them as well. Reach out to @Uni_Rwanda for more info.
  • Also, the schedule of all the different students’ learning sessions aired on Radio Rwanda 100.1 FM during this period of lockdown.