Today, Rwandan returnees are primarily returning after living for years as refugees in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). UNHCR and its partners arrange the logistics for Rwandan returnees and operate two transit centers, where returnees benefit from transitional shelter, health services and basic assistance, before relocating to their districts of origin. UNHCR also works with the wider UN and Government counterparts to implement this response. 

UNHCR also registers returnees upon their arrival, which is a key element of their protection and lays the groundwork for returnees to re-establish their lives by accessing key documentation provided by the Government. UNHCR also provides Rwandan returnees with cash assistance to support the reintegration process and purchase essential household items.  

Collaboration and discussions with the Government of Rwanda to facilitate the refugee returnee process and support the socio-economic reintegration of returnees into their communities, continue to be a important pillar of UNHCR’s work in Rwanda.