Senior citizens of the refugee community in Syria enjoy open day event

“The seniors are our blessing” An open day celebration dedicated to honour the senior members of the refugee community.

DAMASCUS, Syria – Over 40 senior citizens from different nationalities enjoyed an open day celebration dedicated to honour their great wisdom, contributions and the effort they spent in guiding the young generation throughout hardships and displacement during the Syria crisis.

The event was organized by UNHCR Field Office Damascus staff and Outreach Volunteers aiming to pass gratitude to the older generation and lift their spirit, especially those who are living alone in Syria.

“I want to use my success to inspire hope”

Syria, a country torn by war for more than six years now, is hosting 59,810 Refugees and Asylum-Seekers mainly from Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan and other countries. UNHCR in coordination with the authorities in Syria provides protection and humanitarian services to those who were caught up in one of the biggest crisis in our era.

“The elderlies always put everyone’s need before their own, now is the time we give them the spotlight.” Said Jawaher, UNHCR Outreach Volunteer.

The event started with some ice-breaking games followed by a role-play by the ORVs who played funny sketches with meaningful messages and engaged the audience in several discussions.





Dr. Bader Fahd was later introduced. Dr. Fahd, Ph.D in Media and International Relations, shared his life-long wealth of experience with the audience. “Love is what can keep us going through the hardships in life.” Said Dr. Fahd.

Dr. Fahd recited a poem that he wrote about his longing to see his grandson who was born in a faraway land. “You’re just like Bagdad,” He said, “[the thought of] you bring me both pain and joy.”



Then, it was Dr. Housain Ali Al-Harbi’s turn, a Ph.D holder of International Law from Lahaye University. He shared his story of inspiration and success. “I want to use my success to inspire hope. No man or woman should let their sadness get the best of them and keep them imprisoned. Always keep on looking forward and aspire for the best.” Said Dr. Harbi. “We all aspire to one day go back to our country, Iraq, and build a better future.”

Then, the Iraqi Violin Player, Imad Al Taai played songs from the Iraqi Folklore, his friend Ahmad Waleed Al Arab joined in with his beautiful voice.



Laughter and positive energy dominated the event as everyone danced to traditional Arabic songs and joined hands for dabkeh (traditional folklore dance).






The guests, staff members and ORVs had a joyful meal at the end of the fun day that will remain a wonderful memory in the hearts of all attendants.