A young man’s dream comes true

Anas is one of 1.75 million boys and girls that dropped out of school to support their families, millions of young Syrians lost their youth and years of education.

Anas, originally from rural Aleppo, was displaced 6 years ago when fighting broke out in his village. He and his family moved from Deir-ez-Zor then settled in Rural Damascus, draining the family’s little savings. In Jaramana, Rural Damascus, Anas, being the eldest in his family, he found himself as the sole breadwinner.

“I worked the night shift, from 7 pm to 7 am and I was always tired”

He worked long hours in a plastic factory to support his family, “I worked the night shift, from 7 pm to 7 am and I was always tired”. Through the hardship, Anas kept dreaming to one day continue his education and become a carpenter. “I love the craft of carpentry; designing and producing furniture,” said Anas.




It was through UNHCR’s partner Syrian Society for Social Development (SSSD)’s outreach volunteers who introduced Anas to a community centre near his home. Almost instantly, Anas began to attend remedial classes and months later passed his high school exam. Anas also attended a vocational training course and was selected to receive a carpentry toolkit. Through the community, Anas was introduced to a carpentry workshop where he starting working and supporting his family. Anas’s ambition did not stop there, he enrolled himself in an accounting course to be able to develop his capacities and learn more; in hope, to open his own carpentry workshop. When meeting Anas at this workshop, he said, “I’m very happy now! I feel relieved working in something I truly love. My future is finally in my hands.”