“I hope that my children continue their education, so that they can contribute to then building of our country Iraq.”

- Jaber

Refugee from Iraq

When I came to Syria I didn’t feel like a stranger. I felt that it was my second country. I wish safety and security for Syria and Iraq.

- Nahla

Refugee from Iraq

We need psychological support, health support, financial support, we need so much support, and we hope that you continue helping us.

- Afrah

Refugee from Sudan

We need support and health care, and I wish health and safety to the whole world.

- Ahmed

Refugee from Sudan

I wish all countries stay safe and I pray to God to protect the whole world and keep it peaceful.

- Sarah

Refugee from Sudan

I thank all the donors for their support to refugees all over the world. I hope there will be more support to refugees because a refugee is a person who suffered in his/her own country till he had to seek refuge in another country.

- Bella

Refugee from Somalia

“My wish is that my children continue their education and build their life. I wish to return to my country, and I wish that every refugee returns to his country. "

- Abdullah

Refugee from Iraq

I love UNHCR because it helps us to live happily and enables us to go to school.

- Basmalah

Refugee from Iraq

“I’m in the 9th grade. I would like to become a doctor, because Medicine is a humanitarian profession.”

- Arwa

Refugee from Iraq