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Two powerful earthquakes have struck in south-eastern Türkiye and northern Syria. Thousands of people are confirmed dead, with numbers expected to rise. The earthquake has destroyed people’s homes and local infrastructure—families are in urgent need of relief items and shelter.

Families are in urgent need of relief items and shelter – UNHCR is on the ground delivering urgent assistance. 


550 THB

Can provide a warm winter coat, gloves to keep an earthquake victim in Türkiye warm. 

15,000 THB

Will help us provide emergency relief items to a family affected by the earthquake in Syria.

Your donation will help support the efforts to protect people in need worldwide.

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Refugees in Thailand

Today there are some 96,000 refugees in Thailand. Most refugees (90,976 as of April 2022, under reverification) are ethnic minorities from Myanmar, mainly Karen and Karenni, who live in nine camps in four provinces along the Thai-Myanmar border. There are also approximately 5,000 refugees and asylum-seekers of some 40 nationalities who live in Bangkok and the surrounding urban areas

Numbers of refugees in Thailand:

96,000 people

Number of camps in Thailand:

9 camps

Map of Thailand and the camps

Last updated 30 April 2023

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