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End Statelessness


“I had a leg amputated due to my diabetes … At that time, I didn’t receive any welfare benefits from the hospital, and I had to pay all the costs because they said I was not a Thai national. I was so upset. – Aunty Chanfong-

Millions of people around the world are not citizens of any country. This can be because of discrimination by the State, through gaps in local laws or simply by being born in the wrong place at the wrong time.

You can help to end statelessness now!


17 Baht /day

Can support stateless people to get advice on nationality and documentation.

24 Baht /day

Can support DNA test for children, families and vulnerable groups in need of stateless.

We need your help to ensure that everyone is able to get a nationality. We want to end statelessness around the world.

(Image: © UNHCR/Thanasade Tantiwarodom)

Refugees in Thailand


Today there are some 97,000 refugees in Thailand. Most refugees (91,806 as of October 2020, under reverification) are ethnic minorities from Myanmar, mainly Karen and Karenni, who live in nine camps in four provinces along the Thai-Myanmar border. There are also approximately 5,000 refugees and asylum-seekers of some 40 nationalities who live in Bangkok and the surrounding urban areas

Numbers of refugees in Thailand:

96,806 people

Number of camps in Thailand:

9 camps

Map of Thailand and the camps

Last updated 31 October 2020

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