Provide the tarpaulin and plastic sheet.

UNHCR also provides materials such as plastic sheeting and matting that can be used to make a simple shelter to protect refugee families and shelter them from harsh weather. Additionally, in more protracted situations, we provide the displaced with the materials they need to build a home themselves under self-help schemes.

Provide Family Tent

UNHCR provide an emergency tent to a family who have just fled anywhere in the world. Shelter is a vital survival mechanism in times of crisis or displacement. It is also key to restoring personal security, self-sufficiency and dignity.

Refugee Housing Unit

A safe and durable housing solution for people forced to flee.

The Refugee Housing Unit (RHU) is a self-standing, sustainable and durable shelter, designed through a collaboration between UNHCR, the social enterprise Better Shelter and the IKEA Foundation. The RHUs have panels to make up bedrooms, a kitchen area, a lockable door and a LED lamp which provides more than six hours of light. 

UNHCR/Ibrahim Abdou

“Armed men attacked us, they killed my husband and burned our village, so I fled with my children. I was happy to receive the shelter and to feel we are safe, me and my children. The space is enough for us. We have lighting even at night and now my children can properly study.” © UNHCR/Ibrahim Abdou