Communication with Communities

Communicating with refugees and asylum-seekers is a vital component of UNHCR’s work in Turkey. In collaboration with the Turkish Government and a wide range of partners, UNHCR works to ensure that its persons of concern have the information they need to access protection and assistance services, as well as to make informed decisions about their lives. UNHCR also aims to receive information and feedback from the different refugee communities in order for its activities to best meet the needs of affected communities. Two-way communication between UNHCR and the people whom it serves not only ensures the effectiveness and quality of UNHCR’s programmes, but is key to accountability and transparency.

UNHCR uses a variety of communication channels and tools to engage with and inform persons of concern of their rights, obligations and the services available to them in Turkey. It holds outreach and information sessions on key themes relating to protection and assistance services. UNHCR also produces printed materials to enable persons of concern to look at the information in their own time and share them with friends and family.

Additionally, UNHCR provides one-to-one counselling to refugees and asylum-seekers in person, via phone and via written correspondence. This helps to ensure that individual situations are addressed and resolved as necessary.

In 2017, UNHCR is working to scale up the reach of its communication with refugees and asylum-seekers, in particular through the use of digital tools and strengthened engagement with partners.