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Dr. Majed AlAzmi

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Dr. Majed AlAzmi currently serves as the Acting Director General of the Zakat House in Kuwait. His appointment to this role was decreed by the Kuwaiti Cabinet of Ministers in 2022, with his term extending until 2026, and the possibility of renewal for an additional 4 years.

In his professional capacity, Dr. AlAzmi has played an influential role, demonstrating both the ability and willingness to engage with high-profile philanthropists. He actively participates in activities and events that promote the global refugee cause and align with UNHCR's mandate. Additionally, he supports UNHCR's Zakat Fund.

Dr. Majed has been involved in humanitarian and philanthropic work from a young age. He has dedicated his entire professional career to working for the Zakat House of Kuwait and the Ministry of Education, specifically in the Special Needs Department. He has also been actively engaged in volunteering activities related to fieldwork. He is highly respected within civic societies, particularly for his contributions during the Syrian crisis between 2011 and 2016. During this period, he was selected as a consultant to organize Kuwait's pledging conferences in 2014 and 2015.

The Zakat House of Kuwait, in close partnership with UNHCR, has made significant contributions by providing essential support to over 50,000 refugee and displaced families in the greatest need. These efforts include emergency responses and interventions in Bangladesh, Yemen, the MENA region, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Mauritania since 2019.

Background of the Zakat House of Kuwait

  • The establishment of Zakat House in 1984 aimed to facilitate the collection and distribution of Zakat. It operates by collecting and distributing Zakat and charities through the most efficient and legally permissible methods that align with the rapid developments and the needs of society.
  • Following several meetings between UNHCR Kuwait and Zakat House, they expressed interest in projects that empower youth through education. In May 2000, UNHCR Kuwait and Zakat House of Kuwait signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), outlining their commitment to supporting UNHCR's humanitarian activities and programs.