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Protracted Refugee Situations


Protracted Refugee Situations

October 2010

A wide-ranging collection of UNHCR documents on the issue of protracted refugee situations, published since 1999.







    • 1. October 2010
      Joint Evaluation: Evaluation of the protracted refugee situation (PRS) for Burundians in Tanzania, by Gitte Robinson and Maria Riiskjaer
    • 2. December 2002
      Review of CORD community services for Angolan refugees in Western Province, Zambia
      Doc Symbol: EPAU/2002/14
    • 3. December 2002
      Review of CORD community services for Congolese refugees in Tanzania
      Doc Symbol: EPAU/2002/13
    • 4. July 2002
      Responding to protracted refugee situations: A case study of Liberian refugees in Côte d'Ivoire
      Doc Symbol: EPAU/2002/07
    • 5. July 2002
      Responding to protracted refugee situations: A case study of Liberian refugees in Ghana
      Doc Symbol: EPAU/2002/06
    • 6. June 2001
      Evaluation of the Dadaab firewood project, Kenya
      Doc Symbol: EPAU/2001/08
    • 7. May 2001
      Lessons learned from the implementation of the Tanzania security package
      Doc Symbol: EPAU/2001/05
    • 8. January 2001
      A beneficiary-based evaluation of UNHCR's programme in Guinea, West Africa
      Doc Symbol: EPAU/2001/02
    • 9. November 2000
      Minimum standards and essential needs in a protracted refugee situation: A review of the UNHCR programme in Kakuma, Kenya
      Doc Symbol: EPAU/2000/05


    • 1. July 2002
      Participatory Poverty Assessment of Nakivale and Oruchinga Refugee Camps in Southern Uganda: Livelihood Characteristics, Economic Constraints and Recommendations for Change
    • 2. March 2002
      Peace Education Programme in Dadaab and Kakuma, Kenya: Evaluation Summary


    • 1. January 2009
      A surrogate state? The role of UNHCR in protracted refugee situations, Amy Slaughter and Jeff Crisp
      Doc Symbol: Working Paper No. 168
    • 2. June 2008
      Local integration: an under-reported solution to protracted refugee situations, Alexandra Fielden
      Doc Symbol: Working Paper No. 158
    • 3. January 2008
      The impact of environmental degradation on refugee-host relations: a case study from Tanzania, Leah Berry
      Doc Symbol: Working Paper No. 151
    • 4. October 2004
      Refugee integration in the intermediate term: a study of Nepal, Pakistan, and Kenya, Susan Banki
      Doc Symbol: Working Paper No. 108
    • 5. September 2004
      International cooperation and the targeting of development assistance for refugee solutions: Lessons from the 1980s, Alexander Betts
      Doc Symbol: Working Paper No. 107
    • 6. April 2004
      Self-image and the well-being of refugees in Rhino Camp, Uganda, Wiebke Hoeing
      Doc Symbol: Working Paper No. 103
    • 7. October 2003
      Forced migrants as an under-utilized asset: refugee skills, livelihoods, and achievements in Kampala, Uganda, Michela Macchiavello
      Doc Symbol: Working Paper No. 95
    • 8. September 2003
      Local integration as a durable solution: refugees, host populations and education in Uganda, Sarah Dryden-Peterson and Lucy Hovil
      Doc Symbol: Working Paper No. 93
    • 9. March 2003
      Towards self sufficiency and integration: an historical evaluation of assistance programmes for Rwandese refugees in Burundi, 1962 - 1965, Nathaniel H. Goetz
      Doc Symbol: Working Paper No. 87
    • 10. March 2003
      Moving beyond long-term refugee situations: the case of Guatemala, Christine Cheng and Johannes Chudoba
      Doc Symbol: Working Paper No. 86
    • 11. March 2003
      The role and impact of humanitarian assets in refugee-hosting countries, Melissa Phillips
      Doc Symbol: Working Paper No. 84
    • 12. March 2003
      Community services in refugee aid programmes: a critical analysis, Oliver Bakewell
      Doc Symbol: Working Paper No. 82
    • 13. January 2003
      No solutions in sight: the problem of protracted refugee situations in Africa, Jeff Crisp
      Doc Symbol: Working Paper No. 75
    • 14. February 2002
      Liberians in Ghana: living without humanitarian assistance, Shelly Dick
      Doc Symbol: Working Paper No. 57
    • 15. July 2001
      The repatriation predicament of Burmese refugees in Thailand: a preliminary analysis, Hazel Lang
      Doc Symbol: WPNo. 46
    • 16. July 2001
      The forgotten solution: local integration for refugees in developing countries, Karen Jacobsen
      Doc Symbol: WPNo. 45
    • 17. May 2001
      Mind the gap! UNHCR, humanitarian assistance and the development process, Jeff Crisp
      Doc Symbol: WPNo. 43
    • 18. April 2001
      The humanitarian hangover: transnationalization of governmental practice in Tanzania's refugee-populated areas, Loren B. Landau
      Doc Symbol: WPNo. 40
    • 19. April 2001
      Vital links in social security: Somali refugees in the Dadaab camps, Kenya, Cindy Horst
      Doc Symbol: WPNo. 38
    • 20. October 2000
      UNHCR's withdrawal from Kiryandongo: anatomy of a handover, Tania Kaiser
      Doc Symbol: WPNo. 32
    • 21. August 2000
      Are refugee camps good for children?, Barbara Harrell-Bond
      Doc Symbol: WPNo. 29
    • 22. June 2000
      Refugee identities and relief in an African borderland: a study of northern Uganda and southern Sudan, Jozef Merkx
      Doc Symbol: WPNo. 19
    • 23. December 1999
      A state of insecurity: the political economy of violence in refugee-populated areas of Kenya, Jeff Crisp
      Doc Symbol: WPNo. 16
    • 24. June 1999
      Changing opportunities: refugees and host communities in western Tanzania, Beth Elise Whitaker
      Doc Symbol: WPNo. 11
    • 25. June 1999
      Angry young men in camps: international assistance and changing hierarchies of authority amongst Burundian refugees in Tanzania, Simon Turner
      Doc Symbol: WPNo. 9


    • 1. 22 December 2009
      Executive Committe Conclusion on Protracted Refugee Situations
      Source: Executive Committe Conclusions. Executive Committee 61st session, Extraordinary Meeting of 8 December 2009. Available in French
      Doc Symbol: No. 109 (LX) - 2009; contained in UN GA document A/AC.96/1080
    • 2. 20 Nov 2008
      Protracted Refugee Situations: A discussion paper prepared for the High Commissioner's Dialogue on Protection Challenges, Geneva, December 2008
      Source: Standing Committee
      Doc Symbol: UNHCR/DPC/2008/Doc. 02
    • 3. 2 Jun 2008
      Protracted Refugee Situations: Revisiting the Problem
      Source: Standing Committee
      Doc Symbol: EC/59/SC/CRP.13
    • 4. January 2006
      Acute Malnutrition in Protracted Refugee Situations: A Global Strategy UNHCR/WFP
      Source: UNHCR/WFP
    • 5. 10 Jun 2004
      Protracted Refugee Situations
      Source: Standing Committee
      Doc Symbol: EC/54/SC/CRP.14
    • 6. 1 Nov 2001
      Addressing Protracted Refugee Situations in Africa
      (Prepared for the Informal Consultations on New Approaches and Partnerships for Protection and Solutions in Africa, 14 December 2001)
      Source: Global Consultations
    • 7. 1 Oct 2001
      Discussion Paper on Protracted Refugee Situations in the African Region
      (Prepared for the Panel Discussion of 3 October 2002, During ExCom's 52nd Session)
      Source: Global Consultations


    • 1. 10 Jun 2004
      Protracted Refugee Situations
      UNHCR policy and data on 38 major long-standing refugee situations, including 6.2 million refugees
      Source: Statistics
      Doc Symbol: EC/54/SC/CRP.14