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Hope Away from Home: Refugees find new beginnings across the U.S.


Hope Away from Home: Refugees find new beginnings across the U.S.

From Philadelphia to Chicago, community efforts have impacted the lives of refugees. On World Refugee Day, we asked them what gave them hope away from home.
20 June 2024

Throughout the United States, the concerted welcoming efforts of communities have profoundly and positively impacted the lives of resettled refugees. These initiatives have provided refugees with a renewed sense of hope and belonging. From the mother who fled Ukraine with her children as conflict destroyed her home, and who discovered a fresh start and new opportunities in Philadelphia. To the numerous companies who have stepped forward, including a company in Chicago offering refugees from the Democratic Republic of the Congo not only employment but also a sense of economic stability and the chance to rebuild their lives. To the family from Latin America who was separated by violence and through resettlement is now reunited in their pursuit of safety and a brighter future. These narratives collectively underscore a central theme: the transformative power of community support in providing refugees with safety, opportunity, and what they find most invaluable—Hope Away from Home.

female african-american woman in white shirt

Chicago, Illinois

"One would be my daughter and me as a person also growing every day and learning new things.”

Jane, a refugee from the Democratic Republic of the Congo


Jane, a resettled refugee from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, has found hope in her young family and the opportunities available to her. As a long-time employee of Eli’s Cheesecake, Jane benefits from the company's commitment to refugees, which extends beyond providing economic opportunities.

Eli’s Cheesecake enriches lives, offering stability and hope to those starting anew. 

woman with graying hair in front of her kitchen

College Park, Maryland

“I am overwhelmed by the way you and each and every person that has come into my life has supported me and supported me tremendously, I thank you people like you a thousand times over”

Ana, refugee from Latin America


Ana was forced to flee her home due to violence and resettled in Maryland with her two young sons, leaving family behind. In Maryland, she found stability, her sons have started school, and the community has warmly welcomed her family.

Now, she hopes to reunite with her daughter in the US so that her family can be safe together.

woman with blond hair in front of wall in school

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“My children. That my children live in peace, so that they can have a good education, a good job and be good people, whether in America or in Ukraine.”

Iryna, refugee from Ukraine


Iryna fled Ukraine with her two daughters to escape constant air raids and shelling. Seeking safety and stability, they found a supportive community through the programs offered at KleinLife.

This center has become a lifeline for over 50 Ukrainian refugee children and their families, providing them with hope and a sense of belonging.

man with wire frame glasses and black polo shirt

Sterling, Virginia

“We live for hope, and that hope now fuels our energy. Life goes on.”

Rami, refugee from Syria


Fleeing the conflict that has engulfed their home country of Syria, Rami and his family sought refuge in the U.S. state of Virginia. Their first days there in 2013 were a whirlwind of unfamiliarity. Their struggles and love of food served as a catalyst for the family to think of innovative ways to support their livelihood.

After experiencing some setbacks, and with a lot of perseverance, the family established Damascinos, a catering business that showcases authentic Syrian cuisine.