Voluntary Repatriation of Somali Refugees

In November 2013, a Tripartite Agreement between the Governments of Somalia, Kenya and UNHCR was signed.

Voluntary repatriation process started on 8 December 2014 when the first group of refugees voluntarily returned to Somalia.

70,343 The number of Somali refugees who have voluntarily returned home since the process began.

Since 8 December 2014, when UNHCR started supporting voluntary return of Somali refugees. In 2016, 33,725 Somalis were supported to return home.

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UNHCR's Global Report 2016

UNHCR’s Global Report presents a global overview of the work carried out by UNHCR in a given year to protect and improve the lives of tens of millions of forcibly displaced people: refugees, internally displaced people, returnees, stateless people and others of concern.

It highlights that year’s achievements, as well as challenges faced by the organization and its partners in attempting to respond to multiple life-threatening crises and ever-growing humanitarian needs.

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The hotline is currently being manned by ten (10) agents who cater for 12 languages that is English, Swahili, French, Arabic, Somali, Amharic, Tigrinya, Oromo, Kinyamulenge, Kirwanda, Dinka and Kirundi. All callers get a language selection prompt when they dial the toll-free number.