#IBELONG to End Statelessness

Across the world today more than ten million people are told they don’t belong ANYWHERE. They are called ‘stateless’. The 1954 Convention relating to the Status of Stateless Persons establishes the legal definition for stateless persons as individuals who are not considered citizens or nationals under the operation of the laws of any country.

#IBELONG, UNHCR’s ten-year campaign (2014-2024) to end statelessness in the world, is a powerful platform to advance the efforts to address statelessness in Central Asia. 

Learn more about #IBELONG campaign in Central Asia.

Around UNHCR

Almaty Process

The Almaty Process is a regional consultative process on refugee protection and international migration to, from and within Central Asia.

Nansen Refugee Award

UNHCR’s Nansen Refugee Award honours extraordinary service to the forcibly displaced. In 2019 Azizbek Ashurov, human rights lawyer from Kyrgyzstan, won Nansen Refugee Award.

Statelessness in Central Asia: Human Stories

Tens of thousands people are known to be stateless in Central Asia. Central Asian States have made significant progress in tackling the challenge. UNHCR supports the States’ efforts to develop safeguards against statelessness.