Bosnia and Herzegovina  

Operational Context

The majority of persons at risk of statelessness in Bosnia and Herzegovina are Roma children. There are approximately 10,000 Roma children living in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Lack of awareness of registration procedures and requirements, inability to afford administrative fees, birth in hospitals with a borrowed health booklet, birth outside of hospitals, giving birth under the age of 18 without an ID card, also play a role in the resulting lack of birth registration within this minority.

Elivira and her child were at risk of statelessness until they were assisted by a civil society organization and local authorities to obtain civil documents in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina © UNHCR/M. Poturovic, November 2015.

Strategy Objective

1. Improving birth registration to prevent statelessness 

Goal: All children will be registered immediately after birth by 2024, in full compliance with Article 7 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. At the beginning of 2017 only 25.5% of Roma children were registered immediately after birth.


Strategy Timeframe: 2017 to 2020

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