Coalition Members

Advisory Committee:

The Coalition and its Advisory Committee will be co-led by UNHCR and UNICEF. In 2017, the Coalition Advisory Committee will be made up of:

plan-international-logo         Plan International

nrc-logo       Norwegian Refugee Council

gcenr-logo   Global Campaign for Equal Nationality Rights

lhr-logoLawyers for Human Rights (South Africa)

The Advisory Committee will meet with UNICEF and UNHCR on a quarterly basis to provide input on the Coalition’s strategic direction, to plan the Coalition’s activities and to monitor progress.


The Coalition relies on support from international organizations and civil society groups at the global, regional and national levels that are working towards the Coalition’s goals. Current Coalition members are:

  • Bagmati UNESCO Club (Nepal)
  • The Berani Project (Malaysia)
  • Global Aid Hand (Sudan)
  • Pastrolist Network (Kenya)
  • People’s Legal Aid Centre (Sudan)
  • Persatuan Pencinta Sejarah Sabah (Sabah, Malaysia)
  • (South Africa)
  • Project Labrador (Stockholm, Sweden)
  • Veron Teaching fund Incorporated (Higuey, Dominican Republic)

* Membership to the Coalition does not entail/represent partnership with UNICEF or UNHCR

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