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Eritrean minors reunited with mother after eight-year odyssey

Kedija, 15, and Yonas, 12, survived kidnapping, detention, and a failed sea crossing before finally rejoining their mother in Switzerland.

By Tarik Argaz in Tripoli, Libya  |  24 January 2019

© UNHCR/Gordon Welters

Berlin bus job puts Syrian refugee in the driver’s seat

Transport chiefs in Germany’s capital are training refugees to drive buses, addressing a shortage of drivers and integrating newcomers.

By Josie Le Blond in Berlin, Germany  |  22 January 2019

© UNHCR/Diego Ibarra Sánchez

Storm flooding brings misery to Syrian refugees in Lebanon

One dead and more than 11,000 affected by days of heavy rain and high winds from Storm Norma, with hundreds of refugees forced to abandon their homes.

By Edith Champagne and Houssam Hariri in Bekaa Valley, Lebanon  |  11 January 2019