Useful Numbers for Refugees

The UNHCR Helpline (06-4008000) is a call service provided by UNHCR which refugees can use to ask any questions or file complaints related to being a refugee in Jordan. It offers information on all UNHCR activities and recent updates on changes in procedures. Refugees of all nationalities can call the UNHCR Helpline, offered in two languages: Arabic and English. Operating from Sunday to Thursday, 8AM to 4PM, callers will be connected to an interactive voice response that will answer questions, with a reduced waiting time. If UNHCR wants to communicate with refugees, it can be identified as a UNHCR call or SMS by the number: 06-400 7000.

The UNHCR Detention Line (079 674 2200) operates from Sunday to Thursday, 9AM to 3:30PM. Refugees can call this line to report any detention incident in order for UNHCR to provide the necessary legal and physical assistance.

The UNHCR Child Protection, Sexual & Gender-Based Violence Line (079 554 6383) operates from Sunday to Thursday, 8:30AM to 3PM. Refugees can call this line to report any acts of violence or abuse against children or women, as well as gender-related protection issues.

The ARDD Legal Aid Emergency Line (0777 387 221) operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Refugees can contact this line to report any legal protection issue and for all urgent referrals (detention cases included).