Access of Healthcare Services for Refugees in Jordan in Light of Changes Related to COVID-19

Important information to all refugees in Jordan relating to access to healthcare services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In line with the recommendations issued by the Government of Jordan to decrease unnecessary crowdedness, and for the protection of Persons of Concern to UNHCR, we ask for your kind cooperation not to approach clinics run by Caritas unless for emergency situations, from 10AM to 12PM, and that is to allow the clinic to prioritize the most urgent cases. Otherwise, please only approach the clinics after calling the following numbers to book an appointment.

In cases of emergency life-saving hospital admissions in public hospitals and private affiliated hospitals, please use the following numbers to present the relevant documents within 48 hours, in order to receive the needed support.

You may call the Civil Defense unified emergency hotline 911 for any emergency medial situation that requires immediate attention, especially in cases of unavailability of any means of transport. You must notify the hospital’s Jordan Paramedic Society focal point within 48 hours of admission and follow the usual procedures.

Syrian refugees in Jordan can access to Ministry of Health. Non-Syrian refugees can access the private affiliated hospitals.

In such cases, you must inform the Jordan Paramedic Society focal point present at the hospital within 48 hours of admission. In the absence of the focal point, please inform Caritas by calling the phone number from the list below, corresponding to your location.


Up to date information relating to COVID-19: