Commissioning new projects to support education for the host community in Dadaab

DADAAB, Kenya – In an effort to support the refugee host community in Dadaab, three newly completed UNHCR funded projects were recently commissioned in Dadaab town.

The projects include construction of two classrooms, renovation of seven accommodation rooms for teachers and renovation of a dining hall and Kitchen at the Dadaab Educational Centre.

The commissioning ceremony was attended by Member of Parliament Hon. Dr. Mohammed Dahiye, UNHCR Head of Operations Jean Bosco Rushatsi, Director Intergovernmental and Institutional Relations, Garissa County Mr. Mahat Salah, officials from Deputy County Commissioner’s office, Dadaab Sub County Administrator, members from host community and staff from the implementing agency, Relief, Reconstruction and Development Organization (RRDO).

In his remarks during the event, UNHCR Head of Operations said, “I appreciate the generous hospitality of the host community who over the last quarter a century hosted and provided an ambience reception to their refugee brothers and sisters.”

“I also thank both the national and the county government for their cooperation and partnership in protecting the asylum space for refugees.” Jean Bosco added.


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The Head of Operations briefed the officials and audience on UNHCR/FAO and UNHCR/UNEP planned joint projects in Livelihood and Environmental Rehabilitation which will benefit both the host community and refugees.

On behalf of Dadaab host community, MP Dr. Mohammed Dahiye, appreciated UNHCR commitment and its continuous support to the host community in Dadaab as well as in the surrounding areas.

The completed projects are part of UNHCR interventions aiming to support the host community in health, water, education, environment, and other sectors. These interventions will go a long way in addressing some of the socio economic challenges facing the host community, notably in the education sector which remains the cornerstone to any sustainable development.

Since 2009, UNHCR has invested 1.4 Billion Kenya shillings (approximately 10.4 million USD) in order to support the host community in Dadaab operation areas against the vagaries of environmental destruction and other vices associated with the presence of refugees.