Kakuma refugee camp: update on the sit-in protest in front of UNHCR office

After several efforts over the last three days by UNHCR, the National Police Service and the Refugee Affairs Secretariat to resolve peacefully a sit-in protest outside the UNHCR’s office in Kakuma, Kenya, and offer realistic solutions to the 60 refugees and asylum seekers involved, they were moved today by the Kenyan Police. As the group refused to return to their shelters and, the situation was tense, and the Police used tear gas. Nobody was seriously injured. Eleven refugees sustained minor injuries and were immediately taken to hospital, where they received treatment and were discharged. The majority of the group were transported by the Police back to their shelters. In order to address the group’s security concerns, the Police have announced enhanced measures in the area where they reside in the camp, including a security helpline number through which incidents can be reported 24/7. UNHCR has offered additional counselling to individuals within the group who may wish to discuss personal concerns. We urge all concerned to show restraint at this challenging time and to respect all measures put in place by the Government of Kenya to fight the COVID-19 pandemic and protect the health of all refugees and host communities.




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