“Hamid. The Refugee who stayed.”

While many refugees and asylum-seekers are leaving Latvia to go to other EU countries, Hamid who is from Afghanistan calls Latvia his home and has applied for Latvian citizenship.


Latvia TV3 News Team has produced a documentary film about Hamid, an asylum seeker from Afghanistan who arrived in Latvia ten years ago when caught while transiting in Riga airport to another European country.

Cold weather, language barrier, financial difficulties and struggles to find work are the few challenges that refugees and asylum-seekers face in Latvia. Unable to find solutions, many leave to other EU countries. But in spite of going through tremendous difficulties, Hamid has stayed. He now calls Latvia home, has learned the language and would like to acquire the Latvian citizenship.

He tells about his long way to finding an accommodation and being able to learn, and also about the latest challenge: to become a citizen of Latvia in spite of a bureaucratic obstacles.