Information Regarding Proof of registration Card Modification (PCM) Center

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the PCM centers?

POR Card Modification centers are facilities operated by NADRA where any holder of a valid POR card can apply for modification/corrections in her/his or the family member’s POR card.

Who are the PCM centers for?

PCM centers serve registered Afghan refugees in Pakistan who hold a PoR card with an expiry date of June 2023. In addition, biological children under the age of five (5) can benefit from the services at the PCM centers, particularly registration and issuance of birth certificate. Unregistered immediate family members of PoR holders whose information has already been recorded by NADRA can also approach the PCM along with the PoR cardholder against whom she/he has been recorded. ACC holders and undocumented Afghan nationals are not eligible to access PCM services.

Where are the PCM centers?

There are 11 PCM sites across the country as follows:

What are the operating hours of the PCM sites?

The PCM Sites operate Monday to Friday (5 days per week), from 0900 to 1200hrs and 1300 to 1700hrs (on Fridays 0900 to 1230hrs and 1400 to 1700hrs).

Do I need an appointment?

No. No appointments will be scheduled. The processing at PCM sites is available on a ‘first come first serve’ basis.

What are the services available at the PCM?

The following services are available at the PCM:

  • Verification of PoR cardholders with a 2015 PoR card (this will be only possible until 31st December 2022)
  • Validation of Unregistered Members of Registered Families and issuance of Family Information Certificate (possible until 30 June 2023)
  • Registration of biological children below the age of five (5)
  • Replacement of lost, stolen, faded or damaged PoR cards.
  • Issuance of a PoR card to registered children that have turned five years of age
  • Modification/Correction of the information on the PoR card
  • Issuance of Death Certificate of a PoR holder
  • Appeal of rejection decisions taken during DRIVE and at the PCM

Is this all free of cost?

Yes, all services provided by the Government of Pakistan (SAFRON, CCAR, NADRA) and UNHCR are free of cost. If anyone is asked for money or favours in exchange for services, this should be reported immediately by calling UNHCR helplines:

Peshawar Helpline:         0300-858-5600, 0300-054-4491, 0300-054-4492, 0300-0544-496

Quetta Helpline:              0333-781-9601/ 0333-079-2969

Islamabad-Punjab:          0304-111-1437

Karachi helpline:             0304-111-1437


What do I need to do to register my biological child under the age of five (5)?

Either parent holding a valid PoR card (current validity: 30 June 2023) can register their children who were born in the past five years in Pakistan.

If both parents are PoR cardholders, only one parent needs to visit the Proof of Registration Card Modification (PCM) centre (addresses available at the bottom of the document) along with their child for his/her registration. If only one parent is a PoR cardholder, this parent needs to be present with the child in order to register the child.

At the time of the interview in person at the PoR DRIVE site, at least one of the following documents must be presented:

i. Birth certificate/birth notification

ii. Hospital or basic health unit (BHU) health record;

iii. WHO vaccination card;

iv. Medical prescription for the child.

The original PoR card of the parent will also be required.

Parents will receive an official birth certificate upon approval of the registration.

Upon registration of a child, the PoR card of the parent who came to register the child will need to be modified and re-issued to include child-related information.

Can Afghan children who have been registered with their parents in the past but have not yet received a birth certificate still get their birth certificates?

Yes, all Afghan children below the age of 18 years, who were born in Pakistan and have been registered by NADRA in the past, but who have not yet been issued with a birth certificate, should obtain such a birth certificate from the PCM centre.

The head of the family can approach the PCM with the PoR card of the child and at least one of the mandatory documents for birth registration for the issuance of this document.

What do I need to do for my five-year-old child to obtain a PoR card?

Children who have reached the age of five years, who are already registered with their parents and whose parents hold a valid PoR card are entitled to receive their own individual PoR card in the PCM centres.

To receive their PoR cards, the parent holding the valid PoR card on the back of which the child is recorded has to accompany the child to the PCM centre in order to record the child’s photograph and biometric information.

The PoR card of the parent containing child-related information will also need to be modified and re-issued.

What do I need to do if my valid PoR card contains incorrect data or was lost/stolen?

An application for a modified or duplicate (in case of loss or theft) PoR card can be made at any of the PCM centres. If available, a police report should be provided. The Applicant will be asked to sign a declaration to confirm his/her statements.

 I could not attend DRIVE exercise. Can I still apply for a new smart card?

 Yes, but only until 31st December 2022. Registered Afghan refugees in Pakistan who hold a PoR card with an expiry date of 31 December 2015 (PoR cardholders) and who haven’t participated in the Documentation Renewal and Information Verification Exercise (DRIVE) are advised to renew their cards at any of the PCM centers until this date. Refugees will have to demonstrate valid reasons for not having attended DRIVE.  If eligible PoR cardholders do not avail of this last opportunity, their cards may be deregistered. Please check [here] for mandatory documents to bring along.

I was recorded as a UMRF during DRIVE or recently when my registered family member applied for a new smart card.  What document will I receive?  How and when do I obtain it?

UMRFs who were recorded during DRIVE in 2021-2022 need to attend a PCM to confirm their link with the PoR holder before 30 June 2023.  After this step, a Family Information Certificate will be provided, confirming the family composition and the connection to a registered PoR holder.  Any documents available to support the family link (marriage certificate, birth certificate, Nikkahh Nama, Tazkeera) should be presented at the PCM. Unregistered family members are currently not eligible for a PoR smartcard.

What rights does a family information certificate give me?

A family information certificate provides documentary proof of membership of the immediate family of a PoR holder legally present in Pakistan.  A family certificate does not confer PoR status or, in itself, grant access to services.

What legal entitlements does a PoR card provide?

The PoR card is an identity document and entitles the cardholder to legally remain in Pakistan. The card is valid throughout Pakistan.

It is important that registered Afghans carry their PoR cards at all times and present it to law enforcement agencies on demand.

PoR cardholders have the right to temporarily reside in Pakistan and are exempted from the provisions of the 1946 Foreigners Act pertaining to the illegal entry and/or stay in Pakistan. However, the PoR card does not give immunity from criminal prosecution, if bearers are involved in criminal activities or breach the law of Pakistan.


How long will it take to receive the new/modified PoR card?

New, duplicate or modified cards should be available for collection at the PCM centre within 14-21 days of the application.

Applicants can SMS their PoR card number at ‘8400’ to check the status and availability of their card at PCM site.

I applied for my new smartcard six months ago but I’m still waiting for my card.

Eligible Afghan refugees who participated in DRIVE verification and who are yet to receive their cards will be informed by NADRA of the collection point when the card is ready.  Information about the status of individual PoR cards can be obtained by sending your PoR number by SMS to 8400.

Why am I being asked to sign a Disclaimer?

Any applicant has the duty to tell the truth and to provide correct information. The disclaimer is a statement whereby the applicant confirms that he/she has provided accurate and correct information in support of his/her application. Any applicant who is later found to have made a false statement is liable to loss of PoR status.

What if I provide false information?

If anyone deliberately provides false information or fake documents, this may lead to disqualification or cancellation of the PoR card, along with any other legal proceedings as per the law of the land.


I have a complaint to make. What can I do?

All services associated with the PCMs are free of charge.  Any request for, or offer of, payment or exchange of anything in return for access to any PCM – including during the delivery of PoR smartcards – is strictly prohibited and should be reported through one of the following channels:

a. By phone call to the UNHCR helpline:

Peshawar Helpline:         0300-858-5600, 03000544491, 03000544492, 0300544496

Quetta Helpline:               0333-781-9601/ 03330792969

Islamabad-Punjab:          0304-111-1437

Karachi helpline:             0304-111-1437

b. By written note placed in the confidential complaint boxes at the PCM Centres.

c. By email:

Islamabad-Punjab email:              [email protected]

Karachi email:                                [email protected]

Peshawar email:                            [email protected]

Quetta email:                                 [email protected]

All PCM partners have a zero-tolerance policy for Sexual Exploitation and Abuse.

All reports made are reviewed, and the personal information of the person lodging the complaint is protected.  Individual complaint follow-up is carried out.

My card status is rejected, what does it mean? Will I receive my card?

An applicant whose status is rejected has been found to be ineligible for a PoR card.  The applicant can request to have the decision reviewed (see below).

My application was rejected. What can I do?

Any applicant whose application has been rejected can appeal the decision by filling the appeal form at the PCM of his/her choice. The applicant should explain why he/she thinks the decision taken is not correct and/or should provide additional information on his/her application. The decision and new information submitted will be reviewed by a committee who will take the final decision on the application.

Where is more information available?

Further information is available from the UNHCR helplines:

Peshawar Helpline:         0300-858-5600 / 0300-054-4491 / 030-0054-4492 / 0300-544496

Quetta Helpline:              0333-781-9601 /03330792969

Islamabad-Punjab:          0304-111-1437

Karachi helpline:            0304-111-1437

For more Information on PCM Application Process, please visit the following website: