RFQ 03 Transportation services for UNHCR Sub Office Peshawar

Annex B – Scope of Works

Annex C – Financial Offer Form Transportation Services

Annex D – Vendor Registration Form

Annex E General Conditions for Services Contract (ver. JAN 2010)

Supply Management Service

The Supply Management Service (SMS) aims to be a centre of excellence by providing realistic Supply Chain Solutions in support of UNHCR’s mandate and achievement of the Global Strategic Priorities.

Its objectives are to

  • Build organizational commitment to supply chain improvement
  • Develop a supply chain strategy for efficient end-to-end delivery
  • Re-engineer supply chain business processes and management
  • Design and use tools for information analysis and performance management
  • Investment in training, career management and HR discipline

The Supply Management Unit in Branch Office Islamabad comprises five main functions, namely:

  • Administrative Procurement Support Function
  • Program Procurement Support Function
  • Warehouse Management
  • Asset Management, and
  • Provide advice/support to Management on Supply matters.
  1. The Admin procurement function is responsible for the purchase of all office IT/Telecoms equipment, furniture, stationery and consumables, vehicles and other services.
  2. The Program Support function deals with forecasting, planning and purchase of all program-related services like NFI (Non-Food Items), as well as providing IP support.
  3. The Warehousing function deals with the management of the country warehouse for storage and distribution of NFIs for 40,000 families at any given time. It also has an oversight role for other field warehouses under Sub-Offices Peshawar and Quetta.
  4. The Asset Management function deals with registration, tracking, data management and disposal of the assets in the form of Property, Plants and Equipment (PPE).
  5. And lastly, the Management Support function advises senior managers and operational planners on all matters related to Supply matters like planning, sourcing for goods and services, costings, transportation and related issues.

For more about the Supply Management Function in UNHCR please visit the “Doing Business with UNHCR” page.