Urgent Appeal for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

COVID-19 is a situation unlike anything we’ve faced before – and it threatens refugees.

Around the clock, UNHCR is delivering lifesaving supplies and support to refugees and displaced people in countries like Bangladesh and Syria.

But we can’t tackle this pandemic alone.

Thank you for being the best of humanity by donating TODAY.



Help now


supports the construction of a water and sanitation facility, including communal latrines and toilets, for one classroom in a school


could support the construction of one tube well to provide clean water to refugees


costs to provide a person of concern with primary healthcare services


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Around UNHCR

Economic Inclusion of Refugees

Refugees are people with marketable skills and assets, who have a strong motivation to build their own livelihoods.

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The Education Above All Foundation and its partner, UNHCR – the UN Refugee Agency, are ensuring children from both refugee and host communities in Rwanda realise their right to education.