Japan funds UNHCR Rwanda some $ 270,000 for Legal assistance, Child Protection and Health in Mahama camp

“We are grateful for the contribution from the Government of Japan and looking forward to serve together the people of concerns” – Ahmed Baba Fall, UNHCR Representative in Rwanda.

Mahama refugee camp settled in 2015 now hosts around 60,000 Burundian refugees.

Kigali, Rwanda – The Government of Japan announced a new contribution of some $270,000 to UNHCR Representation in Rwanda for 2019 covering the needs of 58,552 Burundian refugees, who are living in the country’s largest refugee camp, Mahama, in the sectors of Legal Assistance and Legal Remedies, Child Protection and Health. The Government of Japan and UNHCR will hold a launch ceremony on June 6, 2019.

Mr. Ahmed Baba Fall, Representative of UNHCR Representation in Rwanda said “We are grateful for the contribution from the Government of Japan and looking forward to serve together the people of concerns”.

The projects aims to strengthen the capacity of UNHCR to maintain a favourable protection environment for Burundian refugees living in Mahama refugee camp and their access to core protection services like legal assistance, security against violence with a particular attention to refugee children at risk.  Considering that overall assistance is required to meet lifesaving needs of Burundian refugees. The project will also contribute maintain the access of beneficiaries to basic health services by supporting primary health care services, the  referral of patients with serious medical condition to secondary and tertiary health care and the access to essential drugs.

His Excellency Takayuki Miyashita, Ambassador of Japan to Rwanda said, “The Government of Japan focuses on development cooperation to protect and empower individuals, especially those liable to be vulnerable, to realize human security. Since I came to Rwanda 3years ago, I have visited Mahama refugee camp seven times to make sure how our supports work for beneficiaries. We thank UNHCR Rwanda and its partners for carrying out this important project”.

Over the last six years the GoJ has been one of the main UNHCR partner in Rwanda with around 7,000,000 USD of contribution in support of refugees.

As of 31st March 2019, Rwanda hosts a total refugee population of over 148,320 individuals who are living in six refugee camps, four transit/reception centres, and urban areas in the country.

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