Praya Lundberg

“Everyone belongs and everyone’s life is valuable. I hope we finally come out truly understanding that despite race, nationality or our borders, we are all human”

About Praya

Actress and model Praya Lundberg has been supporting UNHCR since 2014, and was appointed UNHCR’s first Goodwill Ambassador in Thailand on 31 January 2017 in recognition of her commitment to helping displaced people worldwide. Praya has shown tireless dedication to our cause. She has travelled to camps in Bangladesh, Jordan and Thailand to witness UNHCR’s frontline work, and meetings with refugees and stateless people have helped Praya to better understand – and amplify – their cause.

Praya’s recent field visit in October 2018 to Bangladesh has shed light on the plights of Rohingya refugees, living in the largest camps in the world. After the mission, Praya gave an interview to 50 media outlets, generating widespread coverage. Praya is committed to making sure that the voices of refugees are heard, and has organised activities to commemorate World Refugee Day such as gala dinners, photo exhibitions and talks to demonstrate their courage and resilience.

In September 2019 Praya travelled to Columbia to witness the situation many refugees are having to endure after fleeing violence in Central America. In addition to securing widespread coverage through traditional and social media, Praya has lent her support to various UNHCR campaigns, including World Refugee Day#WithRefugeesNobody Left Outside, Namjai for Refugees, #IBELONG campaign and led a marathon to support UNHCR’s ‘Step with Refugees‘ campaign in Thailand in June 2019. Praya has been advocating for Stateless people and recently visited Chiang Rai province in Thailand to support #IBelong campaign urging people to learn more about statelessness in January 2020.

Praya frequently supports the work of UNHCR across her social media and shares the stories of refugees she has met whilst working with UNHCR.