Mandate and goals

UNHCR Armenia is focused on the addressing of the humanitarian needs and promoting of integration of the displaced population who have sought protection in Armenia.  Built on the progress made in the past 30 years, namely, in the field of legislative reforms, the establishing of asylum procedures, and humanitarian response networks, UNHCR’s 2022 key directions are:

  • Attaining Favourable Protection Environments
  • Community engagement & women empowerment
  • Well-being and basic needs
  • Local Integration & Other Local Solutions
  • Communication with Communities
  • Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (Protection, Prevention and Response)
  • Responsible Disengagement and steps forward in strengthening the protection environment
  • Prevention, reduction and elimination of statelessness, and protection of the rights of stateless people

Please note that the mandate of UNHCR Armenia does not include receipt and/or processing of asylum applications for asylum in other countries. For information on asylum procedures in other countries we kindly refer you to the embassies of the respective countries.