UNHCR History

What is the role of UNHCR in Armenia?

Armenia is a party to the 1951 UN Convention relating to the Status of Refugees and the RA Government has assumed the responsibility for processing asylum claims. Consequently, formal applications for refugee status have to be made with the Migration Service (see the address below). This government entity will decide whether an applicant is eligible for being granted refugee status in Armenia.

In Armenia, therefore, UNHCR does not register refugees and does not issue them refugee documents. UNHCR’s role in Armenia focuses on supporting the Government to ensure quality asylum procedures and that it carries out its responsibilities vis-à-vis refugees and asylum-seekers in conformity with international law and standards. UNHCR assists asylum-seekers by making available through its partners social and legal counseling and representation. Moreover, UNHCR frequently monitors refugee status determination interviews and shares with the Government its position on international protection needs of asylum-seekers from specific countries and on legal issues.

UNHCR complements the Government efforts in meeting the basic needs of asylum-seekers, refugees and displaced populations and contributes to bridging assistance gaps in the fields of health, education and income-generation by way of projects implemented by its partners.

UNHCR also undertakes training of government officials and of NGO staff in addition to other key society actors.
UNHCR Armenia advocates for the improvement of national legal and policy framework through consultations and the provision of written comments.