UNHCR-UNICEF Blueprint for Joint Action for Refugee Children

The COVID-19 pandemic has put refugee and vulnerable host community children and their families at even greater risk and introduced new threats to their survival and wellbeing. Securing equitable access to essential services like water, sanitation, protection and education has taken on a new urgency in the current crisis and its economic aftermath.

In January 2020, UNHCR and UNICEF launched an ambitious two-year Blueprint for Joint Action. This is a commitment to accelerate joint efforts under a transformational agenda in line with the Global Compact on Refugees, focused on three key areas (education, WASH and child protection) and promoting and protecting the rights of refugee children and the communities that host them. We will do this through supporting host countries to include refugee children in national development plans and budgets and ensure they can access services such as education, water and hygiene and are included in national child protection services.

Building on our strong and established global partnership, the initial phase of the Blueprint spans 11 countries (Bangladesh, Cameroon, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Honduras, Indonesia, Iraq, Kenya, Lebanon, Libya, and Rwanda) These countries are home to 2.24 million refugee children, 20% of the world’s total.

For more information, please visit the Blueprint for Joint Action website.