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Young Champions for Refugees

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is calling on young people to join its global network of Young Champions and help advocate, create content, volunteer and fundraise to support people forced to flee worldwide.

Who are Young Champions?

UNHCR Young Champions are a dynamic community of young supporters and refugees motivated to create a more welcoming world for people who have fled war and persecution. They are students or young professionals between the ages of 15 and 25. They are motivated and passionate about using their skills to help refugees in their communities and around the world.

How do Young Champions help refugees?

Young Champions receive updates with actions to take. They meet with refugees and experts and attend training and brainstorming sessions to inform UNHCR’s communications work.

With UNHCR's guidance, each Young Champion is expected to take five actions each year and stamp them in a digital Action Card in order to obtain an official UNHCR certificate. The actions fall into three categories:

An icon of speech bubbles

Learn and advocate 

  • Advocate for refugees and asylum seekers within your school or university (e.g. scholarships, curriculums)
  • Call for more welcoming policies and solutions
  • Join UNHCR's annual Model UN Refugee Challenge.
An icon of a light bulb that lights up, representing an idea

Create and inspire

  • Give talks and organize events about forced displacement
  • Amplify online campaigns to support displaced and stateless people
  • Create your own content, art and written pieces.
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Volunteer and connect

  • Volunteer to help refugees and asylum seekers feel included in your community
  • Find innovative ideas to tackle local challenges they face
  • Organize fundraising events.

What kind of Young Champion are you?

Are you an Advocate, determined to use your voice to bring attention to the world’s most pressing challenges, or a Volunteer, who thrives on helping those around you? Maybe you are a creative and energic Creator or a problem-solving Innovator

Illustration of a young girl writing on a sheet


A curious and creative problem-solver, the innovator develops new projects or products to solve specific issues.

Illustration of a young girl wearing headphones and drawing on a tablet


Playful, creative and energetic, the creator likes to use their talent and creative tools to communicate ideas.

Illustration of a young boy speaking into a microphone


A charismatic leader and critical thinker, the advocate likes to brainstorm solutions and persuade others.

Illustration of a young boy wearing the UNHCR volunteer jacket


Committed, compassionate and empathetic, the volunteer enjoys helping others and supporting a good cause.

What is expected of a Young Champion?

By joining our network, Young Champions agree to follow a set of rules in relation to their communication, actions and use of the Young Champions lock-up and name. You can always contact [email protected] if you have any questions. Make sure to read and abide by our Code of Conduct.

What resources does UNHCR provide?

📚 Action toolkits

Follow some easy steps to advocate, volunteer and fundraise for refugees.

📧 Newsletters

You will receive emails with news, stories and ideas of actions to take.

🗓️ Monthly sessions

Join our chats to welcome new members, answer questions and discuss priorities.

🗃️ Action cards

Update your 'Action card' to record the actions you are taking to support people forced to flee.

✍️ Young Champions logo

Contact [email protected] to use the logo in your events and communications.

🏢 UNHCR offices

We connect you to local UNHCR offices to invite speakers, support campaigns, share ideas, etc.

📱 Featured content

Your accomplishments may be featured on UNHCR’s websites and social media channels.

🏅 Certificate and badges

We recognize outstanding contributions through badges and certificates.

💻 Training and brainstorming sessions

You will be invited to attend training on various aspects of our work with displaced and stateless people as well as brainstorming sessions to share your ideas.

❤️ UNHCR support

Contact us anytime at: [email protected]

Toolkits to help you get started

How to welcome refugees into your school

Stand up, speak out, and extend a hand to your refugee schoolmates

How to volunteer to support refugees

Roll up your sleeves and volunteer to help refugees and asylum-seekers

How to host events to foster understanding of refugees

Gather people to learn about the experiences of those forced to flee

How to advocate for scholarships for refugees at your school or university

Stand up, speak out, and advocate for scholarships for refugees

How to fundraise for refugees

Rally your friends, family and classmates to raise money for people forced to flee

Other ways to get involved

A group of young people in a conference room smile for the camera
Model UN Refugee Challenge
Do you want to shape solutions to help people forced to flee their homes? Each year, we challenge Model United Nations delegates worldwide to debate major issues related to forced displacement. The best ideas emerging from your resolutions are shared with policymakers and promoted by UNHCR.
An animated image of people in a refugee camp catching hearts falling from the sky
Youth with Refugees Art Contest
Do you want to use your talents to help UNHCR share a message of solidarity with people forced to flee? An image is worth a thousand words. Our annual art contest is your chance to use your creativity for a good cause.

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