Clinic helps refugees and Bangladeshis in pain

A physiotherapy clinic in south-east Bangladesh treats Rohingya refugees and their Bangladeshi hosts side by side.

6 Nov 2019

Actress Mahira Khan named UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador for Pakistan

At an appointment ceremony in Islamabad, Khan urges more support for countries which host large numbers of refugees.

6 Nov 2019

Training refugees and Ethiopians for the job market

A vocational programme funded by the German government teaches skills such as cooking, woodworking and mechanics to refugees and their hosts.

29 Oct 2019

Good Samaritan opens her home to Venezuelan women and children in need

Two years ago, a Colombian housewife decided to turn her home into a makeshift shelter for refugees and migrants on a grueling trek to safety.

28 Oct 2019

Refugees entering Iraq describe anguish at fleeing north-east Syria

As the number of Syrians crossing into the Kurdistan Region of Iraq reaches some 10,000, one new arrival tells of the crowded route to border and her fears of the coming winter.

24 Oct 2019

New school brings Afghan students in from the cold

A UN-funded school building gives 500 children in a village north of Kabul a better chance at finishing their education.

24 Oct 2019

UNHCR chief applauds Zambia's openness to refugees

Filippo Grandi commends the African nation for its generosity towards refugees and calls for additional humanitarian and development support during a two-day visit.

19 Oct 2019

Jordan's accidental plumber trains team of Syrian refugee women

After a mistranslation led her to enrol in a plumbing workshop, Safaa trained her own team of mostly Syrian refugee women to fix leaky taps and challenge stereotypes.

18 Oct 2019

Afghan boy endures hardship en route to a better future

Farouk, 15, fled Afghanistan and endured a difficult journey overland across 10 countries. Now he is reunited with his siblings in London thanks in part to help from UNHCR.

17 Oct 2019