Sub-Committee on Administrative and Financial Matters: CorrigendumSub-Committee on Administrative and Financial Matters: Corrigendum

1. Page 7, paragraph 8, last line

After inclusion insert under either category was implicitly established: the General Programme category was reserved exclusively for statutory activities included under the Annual Programme and those covered by the Emergency Fund; other activities were to be funded under Special Programmes.

2. Page 15, Annex 1, paragraph 4, line 4

For A/AC.96/781 read A/AC.96/761

3. Page 18, Annex 2, paragraph 4, line 1

For (A-D) read (A-E)

4. Page 33, Annex 4, sub-heading C, first line

The first line should read New provision (f) (old (f) becomes (g))