Global Refugee Forum: Webcast archive

Webcasts from the 2019 Global Refugee Forum in Geneva, Switzerland

Closing Plenary Session of the Global Refugee Forum (18 December 2019)

Press Conference: Closing of Global Refugee Forum (Geneva, 18 December 2019)

High-Level Dialogue on Energy & Infrastructure (18 December 2019)

High-Level Dialogue on Protection Capacity (18 December 2019)

High-Level Panel on Education (18 December 2019)

High-Level Dialogue on Jobs & Livelihoods (18 December 2019)

Morning plenary session (18 December 2019)

Opening plenary session (17 December 2019)

Filippo Grandi, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Opening Plenary - 17 December

Press conference with UN Secretary-General and UN High Commissioner for Refugees

Afternoon plenary session (17 December 2019)

Press conference on business leaders' contribution at the Global Refugee Forum

IGAD Comprehensive Regional Response for Refugees (16 December 2019)

MIRPS High-Level Event (16 December 2019)

SSAR Support Platform

SSAR Support Platform (16 December 2019)

Switzerland. Private sector partners pledge contributions

Press Conference: Global Refugee Forum and the Contribution of the Private Sector (16 December 2019)