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KoboToolbox tutorials and tips

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Watch instructional videos on how to use KoBoToolbox.

1. Introduction to Kobo: Get started with this essential data collection tool for humanitarian work.









2. Kobo Basics: Understand what Kobo is and why it's valuable for your projects.









3. Setting Up Kobo: Learn how to create an account and navigate the platform.









4. Building Forms: Design effective forms with skip logic and validation.









5. Managing Forms: Keep your forms organized and accessible.









6. Analyzing Data: Extract insights from your collected data.









7. Offline Data Collection: Gather data even without internet access.









This KoboToolbox tutorials and tips page contains additional tips on utilizing KoBoToolbox, including how to visualize KoBo data in PowerBI, querying data through the API, enabling email notifications, and security tips and best practices.   

You can access UNHCR KoBoToolbox account here.