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KoBo Public Templates

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UNHCR's Kobo Public Collection, helps us improve data collection by making sets of predefined survey questions public and easily accessible to the entire UNHCR Kobo community.

UNHCR colleagues can find and use these collections freely, enabling teams and organizations to standardize their surveys as well as allowing them to contribute to the work and best practices of others. These collections contain individual questions, blocks of questions, or full survey templates that are ready to be used.

The KoBo Public Collection is a new initiative, and will be adding resources on an ongoing basis. For now the public collections have templates on:

.        UNHCR-WFP JAF Quantitative Questionnaire

·        Cash Based Interventions Post-Distribution Monitoring (CBI-PDM) - Available in English, Spanish, French and Arabic

·        Public Health Templates (eg: Public Health Annual Survey, SENS)

·        IM Kobo useful templates & question blocks (eg: 3/4/5/6 Ws, Admin level 1 and 2)

·        Kobo tricks templates (eg: Dynamic data attachment, how to implement randomized questions and choices in KoBo)

Please check back regularly or get in touch with the UNHCR Operational Data Systems and Support team for further information.