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CORE emergency information products

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CORE is UNHCR’s solution for establishing recognizable, branded, predictable and consistent information products that are publicly released in the first two months of an emergency response. The goal is to establish UNHCR’s leadership and coordination role in refugee emergencies through the development and dissemination of quality products to support evidence-informed action, enhance the visibility of the response and its impact, and mobilize funding.  The guiding philosophy of CORE is to empower UNHCR operations to make the best use of information available, and to consistently make it available for analysis and re-use by UNHCR partners, the wider humanitarian and development community, donors, researchers, and other public audiences.

The data included in CORE products can be divided into three categories; Population Movements, Humanitarian Need, and Response. Different assessment reports, such as NARE reports, can be visualized and included into CORE. 

More information about CORE can be found in the CORE Guidance (accessible to UNHCR staff only).