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Internationally renowned actress Kristin Davis has been supporting UNHCR since 2014, and was announced as a Goodwill Ambassador in April 2017.

Kristin travelled to Bangladesh on United Nations Universal Children's Day 2017 to meet Rohingya refugee families and learn more about UNHCR's emergency response. Calling for global action to provide more life-saving aid for Rohingya refugee children, she said: 

“For me, the most shocking part of the Rohingya refugee crisis is the number of children who have had to flee their homes. Over half of the refugees in the camp are children. Some of them have lost one or both parents and they are on their own. These children have faced unimaginable horrors and chaotic violence and then a harrowing journey to safety.  They are in need of everything including the very basics of shelter, water and food. I can’t imagine going through what these children and their families have gone through, much less having the strength, resilience and extraordinary bravery these children possess.”

Following her mission to Bangladesh, Kristin travelled to Washington, DC where she spoke about the Rohingya refugee crisis with members of Congress. She shared stories about the plight of Rohingya refugees, highlighted the importance of UNHCR’s response and advocated for continued support from the U.S. government. Learn more about the Rohingya Emergency here and help UNHCR protect the thousands of refugees who have fled to Bangladesh by donating here

In 2016 Kristin travelled to Rwanda to meet refugees from Burundi and the Congo. She later met some of the same families following their resetttlement in the USA, learning about the new opportunities and challenges they faced in starting their lives anew.

Earlier, in June 2015, Kristin visited Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo with UNHCR, meeting families displaced by conflict and violence.  She filmed a TV fundraising appeal that was aired in Asia, Australia and the US.  In January 2016 Kristin visited Australia to support UNHCR fundraising activities focusing on programmes to support women victims of sexual violence in Congo.

Kristin has highlighted the work of UNHCR in extensive media interviews and writing of features and opinion pieces and has helped shine a spotlight on the global refugee crisis via her social media channels. Kristin has supported key UNHCR events and campaigns including World Refugee Day, the Nansen Refugee Award and a film highlighting the important difference between refugees and migrants and the different protection they are entitled to under international law.

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