As of June 2022, 84,885 refugees, 50 asylum-seekers and 2,940 stateless persons were registered in Slovakia. As of 30 September, 95,375 refugees from Ukraine were in Slovakia and 95,179 were registered for temporary protection.

UNHCR’s National Office in Slovakia is located in Bratislava, as part of UNHCR Central Europe, based in Budapest, Hungary. We have been in Slovakia since 1994, working with local and municipal authorities, UN agencies and national partners.

UNHCR in Slovakia supports the Slovakian government’s response in protecting Ukrainian and other refugees with temporary protection and access to services. We monitor and profile at border crossing points and registration centres to identify people with specific needs. This helps us identify issues, provide support and make referrals.

For information about our work in Slovakia:

Contact Information

For information about our operation in Slovakia, please contact us through our Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.