Talent Pools

Areas of Expertise

Job requirements differ among grades and functions. Please click on the below job descriptions to learn more about the profile you would like to be considered for.

Candidates interested in supporting a particular emergency should submit a Talent Pool application, indicate the name of emergency within the letter of interest and send us an email to [email protected] with the subject line: "Emergency support <Name of country>” and their Applicant ID.

What it means to be in the Final Pool

As part of this profile-based recruitment exercise, all candidates undergo a comprehensive selection process, which includes basic eligibility screening, followed by various assessments (language and functional assessment, as appropriate) and grading. Candidates who pass these assessments will be part of the ready-to-hire pool and may be contacted by a recruiter according to the needs of UNHCR to fill positions. Being in the ready-to-hire pool means that you are part of the candidates who could be proposed to the Hiring Managers to fill positions and they will take the final decision after a comprehensive review. Once endorsed in the Talent Pools, shortlisted candidates are contacted to ascertain their availability, for deployment purposes and ongoing interest mostly for temporary appointments. Successful applicants remain in the Talent Pool. Due focus will be given on language needs, diversity and gender in maintaining these various talent pools.

How to apply

We encourage applicants to watch our video tutorial on how to apply to an international vacancy, before they embark on the application process. To learn more about how to apply, go to Application and Selection.

Interested? To apply to our Talent Pools, click here: International vacancies