The UPS Foundation

About the partnership

Since: 2010

Locations: Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Bangladesh and elsewhere

Since 2010, the UPS Foundation partnership with UNHCR has changed the lives of refugees around the world. UPS offers its expertise and financial resources to:

  • provide logistical training to help UNHCR’s partners improve their response and delivery of supplies during an emergency 
  • create an ‘emergency fund’ that UNHCR can activate at any time to respond to a disaster or complex emergency, in order to provide for essential life-sustaining relief supplies
  • be the lead stand-by partner for UNHCR’s global response efforts, providing life-saving assistance to stricken communities within hours. 
  • provide loaned logistics experts to help enhance UNHCR supply chain division shipment tracking capabilities

Impact at a glance

  • The multi-faceted partnership with UPS has enhanced UNHCR’s ability to provide effective transport, logistics, supply and emergency response solutions  
  • UNHCR and UPS are therefore able to deliver efficient humanitarian support to refugees and displaced people across the globe

UPS and U4U partnership

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If you are interested in exploring a partnership with UNHCR, please contact us at [email protected].