Switzerland/ Geneva/ Seen here as they attended today's meeting of the 25-member Executive Committee which administers the programs of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees are (l. to r.) Mr Jamieson, Mr Yul Brynner, Special Consultant, and Dr. Auguste Lindt, UN High Commissioner for Refugees/ UNHCR/ October 1960
© UNHCR/ October 1960

About Yul

Yul Brynner will always be associated with his role as King Mongkut of Siam in the stage and film versions of “The King and I,” for which he won the Best Actor Oscar in 1956. But he played many other memorable characters in a career lasting more than four decades. He was also an accomplished director, photographer and author as well as a passionate humanitarian. He was appointed a special consultant to UNHCR in 1959, which coincided with World Refugee Year. Through various media, including film and radio, he helped highlight the plight of millions of refugees worldwide.