2016 Annual Consultations with NGOs

15-17 June 2016

Theme: Youth

Please note this is a private event


6. Toolkit – Global Refugee Youth Consultations (2015-2016)

This toolkit aims to ensure that the voices of young refugees are heard in a variety of contexts and facilitate the participation of UNHCR offices NGO's and CBO's that would like to hold parallel Refugee Youth Consultations in their countries using their own resources and youth contacts. It has been formulated for easy use by NGOs, CBOs and youth organisations in their countries. Information gathered during parallel youth consultations will contribute towards the final report on the findings of the Global Refugee Youth Consultations.

7. Guide for NGO/Youth participating to the Annual Consultations

8. Background papers on Youth sessions held during previous NGO Consultations


Non-Governmental Organizations

A priority for us is to strengthen partnerships with non-governmental organizations.

Global Refugee Youth Consultations

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