The situation in Yemen could not be more critical

After 6 years of conflict, over 20 million people are in need of urgent help.

Violence, cholera, poverty, looming famine.
COVID-19 is just another issue on top of existing crises.
UNHCR is on the ground providing humanitarian relief and protection. But we cannot do it alone.

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could provide one emergency shelter kit, which contains sustainable local material plastic sheets and building tools


could provide cash assistance to an internally displaced family of six to help them cover their most basic needs


could provide basic medication of one refugee for six months

(image © UNHCR/Rakan Al-Badani)

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Brazil. Shelter and support for Venezuelan refugees during COVID-19 pandemic

Global faith leaders unite to help tackle forced displacement

Members of the newly formed Multi-Religious Council of Leaders make individual commitments to promote peace and offer support to forcibly displaced people.

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UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency - Students attending a workshop on Berlin, chatting to each other and checking their phones during break.

Information for refugees, asylum-seekers and stateless persons

Visit our Help site to find information about asylum procedures, your rights and duties and many more topics.

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, MADE51 presents their Easter collection: Beautiful decorative eggs handcrafted by Syrian refugees

Traditional Armenian crafts made by Syrian refugees

Each egg is carefully hand-felted using local wool and embroidered in a decorative Marash style. Meet the women behind this beautiful tradition. 

The Kenyan powerhouse improving women's lives in Australia

Refugee Rosemary Kariuki has been recognized as Australia's 2021 'Local Hero' for her work helping other displaced women overcome isolation and gender violence.

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