Become a Fundraiser: Every Birthday Counts


Every year, we rack our brains thinking how to prepare for our birthday.
We are all bothered – how do we spend a special and unique birthday?

Do we actually need to look this hard to celebrate our birthdays?
To make an occasion more meaningful, simply donate your birthday to change a life!
OR act as a fundraiser and set up a fundraising page. Ask for donations but not gifts!
By crowdfunding from friends and family, fundraising goals can be hit faster.
This, is a birthday made more meaningful.

Fundraisers will receive the following souvenir(s) once the fundraising amount reaches below, within 30 days after creating their own “Every Birthday Counts” fundraising page.

– Donors who have fundraised totalling HK$1000 – HK$2500 will receive a UNHCR “Every Birthday Counts” certificate of appreciation
– Donors who have fundraised over HK$2,500 will receive one UNHCR Special Edition Teddy Bear and a UNHCR “Every Birthday Counts” certificate of appreciation

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